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Sine Nomine Software: Impact Database

Impact is an easy to use relational database system for RISC OS. It provides facilities for the creation, editing, import and export of data, and allows data to be merged directly into Impression or OvationPro documents for mail shots, report generation, invoicing, etc.

Impact also has a powerful scripting language enabling a high degree of user configuration, greatly improving the ease of use and general productivity.

Impact includes the label printing software LabPrint which interacts seamlessly to allow printing of labels in a wide range of customisable formats.

Impact was originally created by John Skingley of Circle Software and since 2003 has been developed by Matthew and Hilary Phillips.

 Version 3.51 has now been released. See the release notes for details of the improvements.

New! We now have some example action scripts which will open a map in RiscOSM based on postcodes held in Impact databases.

See below for a demo version and for details of upgrade prices.


Before deciding to purchase a software package, it is important to check it will do everything you think you need, and preferably a good number of things which you did not realise you needed. To help you decide whether Impact is right for you please see the overview of features.

Next try downloading a demonstration version. The demo version is actually the full version which you would download if you were purchasing it, but until it is unlocked by a licence key you will not be able to save new databases or records.

Some sample databases are supplied with Impact to show you what it can do. These are explored in the Impact manual. The manual is available for download in the form of HTML pages with direct links from the Impact application, or as a PDF file. A StrongHelp manual is also available covering the scripting language.


[*] Download demo version without manual (1505k)

[*] Download demo version with HTML manual (3795k)

[*] Download HTML manual only (2286K)

[*] Manual for version 3.50 as PDF (2275K)
To read the PDF manual on RISC OS we recommend using !PDF version or later. Earlier versions will not display the fonts correctly.

[*] StrongHelp manual for version 3.50 (40k)
This manual covers the functions used in calculation fields and the commands and functions used in action scripts. This material is also included in the PDF and HTML manuals.

[*] Tutorial files to accompany version 3.50 (4k)
The manual contains some tutorial examples for users to work through. This download contains the files referred to in the tutorials. They are also included in the full demo download with manual above.

Free upgrades from older versions

For smaller changes and significant bug fixes we tend to release free upgrades. These are available as patch archives: the files below do not contain a complete Impact application so should only be used for upgrading from and to the version numbers stated.

[*] Free upgrade from Impact 3.47, 3.48, 3.49 or 3.50 to Impact 3.51 (1477k)

[*] Free upgrade from Impact 3.41, 3.42, 3.43, 3.44 or 3.45 to Impact 3.46 (902k)

[*] Free upgrade from Impact 3.37, 3.38 or 3.39 to Impact 3.40 (2067k)

[*] Free upgrade from Impact 3.32, 3.33, 3.34 or 3.35 to Impact 3.36 (775k)

[*] Free upgrade from Impact 3.30 to Impact 3.31 (530k)

For details of the changes in each version, please see the release notes.

Prices and ordering

The following prices are for upgrades to the latest version of Impact. Earlier versions are not available.

If you have Impact version 3.27 or later there is a reduced price upgrade option which does not include a CD. Instead you would download the new version which is unlocked by a licence key sent by e-mail.

For new purchases of Impact, and upgrades from versions before 3.27, the price includes a CD and postage. A full manual is provided in HTML and PDF form. If you are upgrading from a version of Impact earlier than version 3.27, you must return your original floppy disc with your payment.

New single user licence£36
Upgrade from version 3.47 onwards (download only)Free
Upgrade to latest version from 3.41-3.46 (CD upgrade)£7
Upgrade to latest version from 3.41-3.46 (download only)£5
Upgrade to latest version from 3.32-3.40 (CD upgrade)£12
Upgrade to latest version from 3.32-3.40 (download only)£10
Upgrade to latest version from 3.27-3.31 (CD upgrade)£22
Upgrade to latest version from 3.27-3.31 (download only)£20
Upgrade to latest version from 3.00-3.26*£22
Upgrade from Impact Major, Impact Pro, or Impact Lite*£22

* If you are upgrading from a version of Impact earlier than version 3.27, please return your original floppy disc with your payment.

There are several ways to pay:


An e-mail list, hosted by Yahoo, has been set up to support Impact. Please use this list to ask any questions you may have regarding Impact or LabPrint. The Impact programmers monitor the list and will respond when needed, and all users can benefit from the discussions and ideas which result.

Alternatively you can use our Support Form for enquiries and help requests.

To subscribe to the e-mail list, simply go to the Impact List home page at Yahoo Groups, and click on the "Join This Group!" button. This method requires a Yahoo username. If you do not have one and do not wish to create one, you can join the mailing list by sending a message to the group's subscribe address, impact-list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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