RiscOSM: upgrades for existing users

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Software downloads

Version 1.41 is a free upgrade for users who are currently running version 1.36 or later.

If you are still running version 1.35 or earlier, you will need to pay for a new licence (the first time we have charged for an upgrade!). The upgrade is free if you purchase new map data on SD card or CD.

Order new data on CD or SD card (includes free software upgrade)

Alternatively you can register for an online-only upgrade for £5, then download the new version below:

RiscOSM 1.41 (Mar 2017) (2701k)

Nominatim 1.02 (April 2016) (201k)

Please make sure you have the latest versions of all the helper applications and system resources recommended below:


Installing the RiscOSM upgrade

Simply copy !RiscOSM over your existing licensed copy of RiscOSM. If you are installing a patch file downloaded from our website, please check first to make sure you have the appropriate version of RiscOSM already installed.

If you are installing a paid-for upgrade, RiscOSM will revert to demo mode until you enter your new licence details. You should have been given your name and code when you bought the upgrade—if you bought an SD card they will be written on the packaging; otherwise you should have a receipt or email with the information on. Please contact Sine Nomine Software if you have mislaid the details or if there is any problem.

Installing Nominatim

Nominatim may be installed anywhere on your computer, but in order for RiscOSM to be able to search for places using it, it will need to be "seen" before RiscOSM is run. If you already have an earlier version of Nominatim installed, the new version may be copied on top of it.

New map data

Obtaining and installing new map data

If your current map data is older than October 2015, we strongly recommend updating your map data, as the stylesheets were revised then which means the map data should be restructured for optimal use. You can find out the date of your OSMData by going to the directory where it is installed and clicking menu over !OSMData then follow the submenu App. '!OSMData' and choose Help.

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